Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King Day

Happy MLK Day! Let us remember to be just and loving and kind to all our fellow humans. (I do try...) I'm not going to do a special MLK entry, but Meghan at I'm ablogging did a very nice post that juxtaposes the good doctor's words with some relevant pictures. It says everything I would and more.

Because there were so few kids at school today (yes, we were open!), I went home early. Actually, I came in an hour late. I was so depressed last night that I pretty much planned to sleep in. Anyway, I stayed for about an hour, leaving hours before the Maddening Angel's shift starts. She didn't call me from work, which means she knows that a big part of the reason I left is that I'm avoiding her. It's a blow to the ego to realize that the "special bond" you thought you had isn't really all that special at all. And her silly excuses about us not dating because of work or the age gap are just insulting my intelligence.

And of course Ram never called back, so that's another blow to the esteem.

I started doing some school work at last, reading in my science book and completing a short writing assignment: my science autobiography (my experience with learning science in the classroom). My science background is sparse at best.

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