Saturday, January 28, 2006

Johnny walker wisdom running high

Work was unremarkable. Came home, had a nap. Missed two calls from Spookytooth, who said she was feeling "lonely and unattractive." A few days ago, she had sex with a man she's been friends with for a while and she feels weird about it. I wish I didn't know that.

I declined Friar's invitation to dinner with him, Palfrey, 74 and Zaftig, as (again) I am not comfortable being the only singleton among couples. Instead I ate at my parents' house. I did meet Friar at the Hangout later. Some boring cover bands were playing. I drove Mr. Hangout, the owner, home, in his car. Very large car. It's a V-8; nice acceleration. He's a nice guy. He asked if I had broken up with "my girlfriend," by which, I realized a second later, he meant the Maddening Angel. (We haven't gone out much lately, and not to the Hangout in a while.) Yet another person who assumed what seemed obvious between us to everyone but her. I just said yes instead of explaining.

Friar and I then stopped by MA's birthday party after all. She was very very drunk. I gave her a gift card and a homemade birthday card. I drove us back to the Hangout, where we closed it out playing video bowling. (We're so well known, we can stay long after all the dumb college kid customers have been kicked out.)


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