Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm not giving you no jive

I need the cure
Only one cure in this world
Hey, James Brown
I need a woman or a girl
--- Violent Femmes, "Girl Trouble"

At work today, a five-year-old girl bit me on the finger during a screaming fit as I tried to console her. It broke the skin, just barely; no blood gushed forth, but there was a definite scratch on the surface. She was very, very upset, and didn't know what she was doing. Poor girl's had a bad life --- dad in jail, mom unfit to parent, she and her sister in the care of her aunt. I poured alcohol on my finger to be on the safe side.

I dropped off my Math Methods take-home at State School, then headed to the library to study. I read over my notes and handouts for the Reading I final, but I don't know why I bothered --- it was the same format as the midterm: thirty multiple-guess questions. Like the midterm, it took me perhaps six minutes, including a quick read-over to check for careless errors. What a waste of time.

I deleted Ram's number from my phone a while back after calling her and sensing that the call was vehemently unwanted. Today, right before class, a girl was talking to me and mentioned Ram (they share a class) and at that very moment, my phone rang and it was Ram! Very odd to have her initiate contact after so long. Carl Jung and all that. After school, I called her back and we had a fun, snappy, thirty-minute conversation like old times. I know she doesn't want to date me, but I really enjoyed it. I honestly never stopped thinking about her (as the record shows --- sap that I am, I simply can't play it cool).

I texted Spooky to call me if she still had any desire for us to go on, but no reply. Oh well, we had a good run. I can't say I'm happy about it, but I'm not exactly shattered, either.

Must study now for Science Methods midterm (which may actually be challenging) and finish the take-home section.

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