Friday, April 28, 2006

Quit knockin' on mine

You read common knowledge every day
You're as common as that newspaper you throw away
You get burned in the sun, you get wet in the rain
Won't you ever change
Won't you ever learn
--- Paul Westerberg, "Knockin' On Mine"

This day was remarkable only in yet another iffy excuse from Spooky as to why she couldn't come over as planned. This time, a neighbor child was supposedly left in her house without her permission by the child's very neglectful parents, and supposedly Spooky called CPS and the police, and supposedly she had to wait for them to come so she could fill out a form, and...

Did this happen? I don't know. But of course the police never came, and CPS doesn't come to someone's house late in the evening to have witnesses fill out forms.

So I went to the Hangout and drank and played games with the Friar, ensuring I'll have a headache when I wake up for work tomorrow. It was worth it, dammit!

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