Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cost effects the measure

It might be better
If I left you now
Talk for hours
First impressions last
And cast shadows on the rest
--- Elastica, "Image Change"

Isn't that the truth. People get into habits and stay in ruts because of a lingering first impression, despite an accumulation of more recent evidence which belies that impression.

Tonight's stupid excuse: Spooky was supposed to have dinner with me, but instead had dinner with Baby. Now that's fine, except this was at 9:00 p.m. or so, later than Baby's bedtime. yes, she really was with Baby --- I spoke to her on the telephone --- but still. Then she was just going to join me at the Hangout, but there was another errand. And then she was tired, and then she simply didn't come (claiming she sent a text saying as much), and she turned her cell phone off. We're supposed to go to some fancy school event tomorrow, but I called her at home tonight and told her to count me out. Either she's lying about something, or she can't be bothered to see me. Either way, forget it. Forget the whole thing.

So I stayed at the Hangout until closing and listened to a very loud cover band and didn't drink enough and stayed unfortunately, tragically sober.

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